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  • Shelter: Mihăilești
  • Date of entry: 07.02.2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 13 years
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Beige

Adoption documents

Please contact us via WhatsApp by clicking the "Adopt me" button so that we can explain the adoption procedure. Thank you!

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If you prefer to call, this dog is located in the shelter at Mihăilești, and the shelter's phone number is +40 741 817 857 (Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00 - 16:00)."

About Duke

Duke is a true senior at the ASPA Mihăilești shelter. At the venerable age of 13 years, this large breed dog patiently and dignifiedly awaits his new family. With his remarkable coat of beige speckled with black, Duke exudes a natural elegance and an air of nobility that immediately catches the eye. Although the years have passed over him, Duke still has a gentle energy and a burning desire to be with someone who will love and care for him.

Imagine coming home after a long day and finding Duke waiting for you at the door, with his gentle, wise eyes. He may not have the energy of a young puppy, but he compensates with unwavering loyalty and affection. Duke is the kind of dog who will accompany you on peaceful walks in the park, settle next to you on the couch during cool evenings, and provide you with company during moments of relaxation. Every moment spent with him will be filled with warmth and contentment.

Duke deserves a chance at a happy old age in a loving home. If you are looking for a calm, loyal companion with a big heart, Duke is the perfect choice. Adopting him is not just an act of kindness, but also an opportunity to enrich your life with the presence of a true friend. Come to ASPA Mihăilești and let Duke win your heart!

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